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Latest news: Voluntary Assisted Dying Survey 2021

In 2020 - 2021, we comprehensively surveyed voluntary assisted dying (VAD, voluntary euthanasia) advocates around the world.

They were surveyed on many of the ethical and individual considerations concerning voluntary euthanasia.

The survey outcomes (3 reports and questions) are available at: Ethical Rights Voluntary Assisted Dying Survey 2021.

Ethical Rights Overview

Ethical Rights's objective is to challenge and inspire people to think more rationally about important ethical and science-related issues. More people might then make better decisions about issues affecting themselves, other people and the world, and help make the world a better place.

Public debate on issues ranging from euthanasia to discrimination to climate change has too often been ill-informed. Consider as an example, how some politicians have used religious ideology, unsupported by evidence, for rejecting the progressive and informed views that would improve the lives of individuals, the world's climate and betterment of human society. In this example, any conflict between rights, the religious views of one group cannot be forced onto other groups. This follows from the observations that

  1. most people don't want others' religious views forced on them, and
  2. people should not treat others in ways that they would not like to be treated.

This website contains short articles and larger papers that address important issues. 

The Articles link includes some general and media contributions, such as Religion and Politics, which is critical of the mainly religion-linked objections to climate change and euthanasia policies, and Time for euthanasia to be regulated, which provides a strong case for legislated voluntary assisted dying.

A comprehensive set of responses to Voluntary Euthanasia Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) addresses the most common questions that are asked of euthanasia advocates. 

The Articles link also includes more detailed submissions on issues including human rights, discrimination, equality, euthanasia, freedom of religion amongst others.  Papers are also provided on science matters ranging from fuel quality (Better Fuel for Cleaner Air) to human cloning. 

Ethical Rights also offers consultancy services on ethical and science-based issues.  

We hope you find the information on this site useful, challenging and stimulating.